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CPU   Intel Bay Trail J1900 Quad 2.0GHz.

CPU packageBGA

chipset Support Baytrail-I/D/M serial Processor


Memory Technology architecture Single channel DDR3 1066/1333MHz

Socket 1*DDR3 SODIMM 240 Socket

Video Graphic controller Intel HD Graphics

Dual LVDS and EDP LVDS support dual channel24bits output,Max resolution1920 x 1200 EDP max support resolution 2560*1600(LVDS and EDP display for optional)

VGA VGA max support resolution 2048x1536

HDMI HDMI max support resolution 1920x1200

Dual display support LVDS + VGA,LVDS+HDMI,HDMI+VGA Synchronous or asynchronous display

I/O back panel Port 1*DC 1*VGA 1*HDMI 2*LAN 2*USB 1*LINE OUT 1*MIC 1*SPDIF

Internet controller 1*RTL8111E-V Gigabit Lan Port,RJ45 Port(can choose 2*Lan Port,2*Rear USB)

Audio controller Raychem HD ALC662 audio decoding (left and right channel + microphone)

Super  I/O controller NCT6106D

hardware controller watchdog timer 0-255 Seconds,Provide a watchdog routine

Cooler Aluminum fan heatsink(fanless optional)

Input/output interface

USB 5*USB2.0, 1*USB3.0 Max support +5V/1A(When the touch screen is available, only one set of USB57 pins can be use and USB2.0 is 4)

Com 5*RS-232, 1*RS422/485(can be choose 6*RS232)RS485Support automatic flow control

PS/2 1*PS/2 pin connector (supports PS/2 keyboard and mouse)

Touch screen Support for touch screen (4wire 5wire 8wire only one set of USB57 pins is available when the touch screen is available)

GPIO 8-bit, providing routines, freely defined input/output, 3.3V@24mA level

Expansion wire Mini-PCle 1*Mini-PCIe socket,support PCIe and USB equipment

storage SATA 1*standard SATAII Port, Maximum transfer rate 3Gb/s

M-SATA 1* M-SATA Scoket,Support SANDISK Protocol,Maximum transfer rate 3Gb/s

Power Supply Power TypeSingle input DC power supply ,

Power consumption 20W

Work environment

Working temperature -20°C~60°C (-32°F~140°F)

Storage temperature -40°C~85°C (-104°F~185°F )

Working humidity 10%~90% (non-condensing)

Storage humidity 10%~90% (non-condensing)

Measure Size 170mm x 170 mm

Weight 0.5KG

Certification CE,RoHS,FCC

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