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DC input : DC 12V or DC 19V or DC 24V or DC 28V (9-30V arbitrary voltage)

DC input range : 9-30V in the input range of any voltage can be long-term stable operation.

Output Standard 20PIN ATX 300W

The output voltage +12V +5V -12V +3.3V +5VSB

Minimum(V) 11.40 4.75 -11.40 3.14 4.75

Most large value(V) 12.60 5.25 -12.60 3.47 5.25

Light load(A) 0 0 0 0 0

Over load(A) 12 12 0.2 12 2

Ripple(mV) 120MAX 50MAX 120MAX 50MAX 50MAX

Wire color Yellow Red Brown Orange Purple

Short circuit protection Crash Crash No Crash Crash

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