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JCT-3612N DC9-20V 113.5W급 차량용 DC-DC


Iwill 9-20V ITPS Power Board DC-M3612

1. Power : 113.5W

2. Size : 120mm (L) X 40mm (W) X 25mm (H)

3. Five Protection Functions

Iwill 9-20V ITPS Power Board DC-M3612 for Car PC


1. ITPS 10 seconds delay shutdown function.

2. ITPS 5 seconds delay start up and standby, 5 seconds trigger boot fuction.

3. ITPS 70 seconds delay forced shutdown function.

4. ITPS supports sleep mode. Shut off the standby power automatically, after power off.

Low power consumption standby.

5. Having perfect output protection functions : short circuit protection, overload protection, overload protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection functions.

6. Size:120mm (L) X 40mm (W) X 25mm (H).


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